Create Automation Clip In a three easy method-Step by Step FL Studio Tutorial

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Automation clip is one of the very important parts of every DAW, and for every electronic music producer; it is necessary to learn it. Without automation clips and many other useful features, high-quality music tracks are not possible. Composing tracks in Fl studio is very easy once you learned all the basic function of it; you might not know what the possibilities of it are.

There are several methods to create automation clips in Fl studio and here I have tried to cover some of the methods that you can learn and use it in your track to create awesome tracks. With the automation clip, you can automate any linked controls on the Fl studio, whether it is a knob or a slider of any third party Plugins or its own officially released.

Simple steps to create Automation Clip

Method 1

  1. At first, open the FL studio in your computer window, and then click on the channels button from the toolbarAutoamtion clip
  2. Now, a list will be shown, click on add one button to select any of your favorite Plugin which you are going to use it in your project, in this case, I have chosen Wasp XT.
  3. As soon as you select the Plugin will open in the step sequencer of your channel window.
  4. You will see that there are many Knobs given to control its particular function.
  5. Now select any of the knobs and right clicks on it, a list will be generated.

Automation clip6.Now select create automation clip from the list.

7.You have successfully created the automation clip and the clip is displayed in the playlist window

Note: Method one is only applicable for the controllers which are originally officially released, but for the third party Plugins such as Nexus, Sylenth etc, you have to use either method 2 or method 3.