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Earth Changed In 100 Million Years History Shown In Video Tectonic Plates

Continents In World: Our earth gives us life and don’t know how many secrets are hidden inside it. But do you know that the surface of the earth has been changing continuously for 100 million years. The earth that we see at present was not like this 100 million years ago. Earlier all these continents were united in one, but with the passage of time they kept breaking apart. However, it took millions of years for one continent to break into seven continents. All this happened due to the sliding of tectonic plates.

As the tectonic plates moved, the continents were formed. A 21 second video has been made of Earth’s transformation. The history of the last 100 million years of the earth is contained in this video. This short video shows how the upper layer of the earth kept changing due to the movement of tectonic plates. Due to the sliding of these plates, the process of formation of mountains started.

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basins and valleys were formed and seas were divided
At the same time basins and valleys were formed and the seas were divided. Actually, all these natural phenomena have happened due to the sliding of soil and plate and also due to erosion. It is visible in the video how the tectonic plates are changing. How the upper layer of the earth i.e. the crust is separating from each other and colliding with each other. When these plates move, it affects the mantle. Because of which subduction zones are formed. Volcanoes start erupting. A devastating earthquake occurs on the earth.

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studied for decades
Tristan Salles, Senior Lecturer in Geosciences at the University of Sydney, said that the movement of the continents has been studied in a very detailed manner for decades. The process of their formation and deterioration is being shared. At the same time, continents are not made just by this. The presence of rain makes the surface firmer. There is a change in the weather. There is a constant change in the amount of carbon dioxide in the air. There is constant change in the atmosphere.

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The report of this video model has recently been published in the journal Science. In this, it has been told how Pangea (Pangaea) starts breaking apart 200 million years ago. The situation of 100 million years starts breaking as they come. The story of the separation of Africa and South America is clearly visible in this video.

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