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Due to monsoon, these problems can become a danger to the skin, consult experts

Rain during the scorching summer or the arrival of monsoon brings many problems and diseases as well. Especially in this season, problems like skin are more. In this season, the risk of skin related diseases, infection, irritation etc. also increases manifold and at the same time the moisture also increases in this season due to which our skin becomes more oily.

Apart from this, the risk of getting fungal infection also increases. During the rainy season, we should take special care of our skin, only then we can avoid the problems occurring in the body in this season. Dr. Debjani Chakraborty, Facial Aesthetics, New Delhi talks to The Indian Express about some of these problems.

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Infection: The highest risk of infection is during the monsoon season. The skin becomes more oily in the rain, due to which there is a deficiency of vitamin C in the skin. Due to this there are problems like spots, pimples, itching etc. on the face. All these problems are due to excessive sweating, moisture, dehydration.

rescue: To avoid these problems during monsoon, keep your body clean and at the same time do not let the lack of water in your body, consume at least 8-10 glasses of water daily and keep your skin dry. Avoid being Also apply daily moisturizer.

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sweating profusely: Hyperhidrosis is a type of medical condition that causes excessive sweating from every part of the body like face, feet, head etc.

rescue: To avoid this problem, cleanliness of the body is most important. It is also important to take a bath with clean water daily and wipe your body thoroughly with a cotton towel. Apart from this, many times it is also advised by doctors to get Botox injections to stop sweating.

Skin Allergies: In cities where pollution is high, people often develop skin allergies during the monsoon season. Skin allergies sometimes also occur all over the body or mostly in the hands, feet and upper part of the waist.

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rescue: To prevent skin allergies, even if you go to less polluted places, keep your face covered and also take a bath after coming back and apply an anti-bacterial cream on your body with the advice of a doctor.

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