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Drink bitter gourd juice on an empty stomach, make the body strong and…

Bitter gourd or bitter gourd juice is quite pungent in taste, so not everyone will like it at first. But it is very beneficial for the body. It has so many benefits that it is difficult to avoid it. According to Ayurveda, fresh bitter gourd juice can prevent pancreatic cancer apart from detoxifying the liver. It is also a boon for diabetic. Also, it is very effective in bringing agility and agility in the body.

Rich in Vitamin C: Vitamin C is found in plenty in bitter gourd juice. It provides antioxidants, which play a big role in promoting immunity, mental health and tissue healing. Though it is usually consumed in cooked form, but according to nutritionist Dr. Rachna Agarwal, fresh bitter gourd juice is equally nutritious. He also told some of its benefits.

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Ruchika Jain says that “Controls the sugar level. There are such things found in it, which can help in reducing glucose in the body. It has good hypoglycemic properties, which help in controlling blood sugar levels.”

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Bitter gourd is rich in vitamin A and fiber. It is also low in calories. Experts say that with this it also helps in weight loss. Dr. Rachna Aggarwal explains that “It keeps our stomach full for a long time and hence there is no unnecessary hunger. Being rich in vitamin A, it is great for eye and skin health. It is great for flushing out toxins from the blood, lowering cholesterol, and gut health.”

More benefits in taking before meals
According to Jain, “It should ideally be taken before meals. However, it is best to take it once a day on an empty stomach, before breakfast.” He suggested that not more than 30 ml should be consumed. Taking more than this can cause stomach upset.”

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Dr. Aggarwal said that “Pregnant women and lactating mothers should avoid juice. Also, diabetic patients should be careful while consuming the juice along with their medicines as it has hypoglycemic properties, which can significantly reduce their sugar levels.”

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