Thursday, June 8, 2023

Donald Trump Says He’ Is The Only One Who Can Prevent World War III

Russia Ukraine War: After making a big claim about the Russia-Ukraine war, former US President Donald Trump has again given a big statement. Donald Trump, who is once again contesting for the post of President, is in headlines these days because of his statements.

Earlier, he had said that if he was in power, he would have ended this war in a day. Now he has said in an election public meeting that only I will stop the third world war. Along with this, he has accused Joe Biden of inciting war.

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Immediately after his statement, his supporters raised a lot of slogans in his support. He claimed that he has very good relations with Vladimir Putin, the Russian President will listen to him. Reiterating his point, he said that it would take only one day for me to settle the matter.

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‘There has never been a more dangerous time’

Donald Trump said about the Russia-Ukraine war that there has never been a more dangerous time for the world. During this, he targeted US President Joe Biden and said that he has pushed Russia directly into the arms of China. Due to which China is controlling everything.

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Significantly, even before this, Trump has given a big statement about the Russia-Ukraine war, he said that he would have got a deal done to end the Russia-Ukraine war in a day. In which some parts of Ukraine would have been occupied by Russia and there would have been no war.

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