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Does Lotus Flower Really Give Relief From Stress, Know How To Use It

Benefits Of Lotus: Everyone is aware of the beauty of the lotus flower. A lotus flower is heavy on diseases. Or simply say that it is a complete box of health. In Ayurveda, different types of medicines are prepared from each part of it. There are many types of these flowers, such as white, pink, blue and all of them have their own qualities. Lotus flower brings peace to the mind. According to experts, lotus flower helps in reducing stress, also controls anxiety. Let us know how it works on stress and in which things it is beneficial.

Two important elements are found in the lotus flower, one is apomorphine and nuciferine, both are considered good for the brain. It calms the mind and helps in controlling the problem of anxiety depression. Nutrients like vitamin B, C, iron are also present in the lotus flower.

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To calm down and reduce stress:Lotus flower brings peace to your mind. In fact, when you use lotus flowers in home furnishings, the surrounding environment becomes very happy, it increases feel-good hormones, which not only reduces stress, but also helps you get a sound sleep. Stress and anxiety can be relieved by the use of lotus extract, it is also very helpful for those who live in depression.

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For BP control: Blood pressure remains under control with the lotus flower. The body temperature also remains normal. This will make you feel very refreshing. If you want, you can apply lotus oil to your hair to reduce stress.

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For chronic pain: The antioxidant property present in lotus acts as a pain reliever. If there is pain somewhere in the body, massaging with lotus oil can reduce bone pain. If you are making herbal tea, then put lotus flowers or leaves in it, then it also removes the pain of old injuries.

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to skin: Lotus flower also reduces anti aging. Along with making the skin glowing, controls extra oil, this reduces acne. The anti-inflammatory properties present in the lotus flower are also helpful in removing the problem of rashes and irritation. It contains Vitamin A, which also helps in wound healing.

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