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Do You Know Why The Sound Comes From Cracking The Fingers?

Knuckle Cracking: Cracking fingers is a common habit of all of us, don’t know how many times we crack our fingers throughout the day while working, studying, or using the phone. Some people crack their fingers even when they have no work to do. People take great pleasure in cracking their fingers, because firstly it makes sound and secondly it also relieves pain in the fingers. But have you ever wondered why there is a sound when you crack your fingers? Is there any scientific reason behind this, so let us tell you about this unique process of the body today.

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The sound comes from the fingers due to the synovial fluid.

According to scientists, there is a fluid in the joints of the body, which is called Synovial Fluid. When you crack your fingers, the gas of this fluid present between the joints is released and the bubbles formed inside it also burst. This is the reason that there is a sound when you crack your fingers. You must have noticed that once you crack your fingers, you have to wait for a while to crack them again. It is said that for this you have to wait for 20 minutes.

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According to research, the synovial fluid acts as a greasing in the bones, but by repeatedly cracking the fingers, the liquid between them starts decreasing. If it ends completely, then gradually pain starts in the joints.

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Does cracking of fingers cause arthritis?

Some people believe that frequent cracking of fingers can lead to arthritis. In such a situation, a researcher, whose name is Donald Unger, for 60 years, he clicked the fingers of one hand and not the other. He wanted to understand whether cracking fingers causes arthritis or not. The result was that there is no such connection. And the position of both his hands is the same. Other doctors also believe that there is no such problem by cracking the fingers. There is no scientific evidence for this, but other studies have claimed that there may be joint pain or other problems. In such a situation, if you reduce the cracking of fingers, then it is good for your health only.

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