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Do You Also Get Glow On Your Face After Periods, Know Why It Happens

How Periods Effect Your Skin: Periods bring many problems with it. During this, many types of changes are seen in the body, sometimes the appearance of your skin changes, and sometimes the tenderness in the breast bothers you. Apart from this, stomach pain, back pain and many other problems come. But have you noticed that as soon as the periods come, skin problems start ending and along with that the glow of the skin also increases. It is not only that the glow increases during this time, but many times we also have to face pimples, in such a situation, today we will know why all this happens.

Menstrual hormones responsible for skin changes

Actually our menstrual hormones affect the skin in different phases. This is the reason why sometimes rashes start appearing on the skin and sometimes the skin glows. In the period cycle, the skin experiences different types. Like in some days of the month it becomes more oily, in some days it becomes more dry and in some days the problem of acne increases so much that the face does not feel good.

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Actually during this time the level of progesterone increases and the level of estrogen falls. Due to this the skin starts to look bad. Increase in progesterone leads to production of oil and skin pores get filled with sebum and they appear large like pimples.You may have some pimples because of the hormonal changes you experience in the week leading up to your period. But once you start your period, your progesterone levels go down, which means your skin will start to clear up.

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What causes glow on the face?

On the 21st day of the period cycle, estrogen decreases in the body and then wrinkles on the face, dullness etc. all increase. But as soon as periods come, the body prepares estrogen again, at the time when your periods are going on, at that time not only the amount of estrogen in the body starts increasing again, but it also balances testosterone. Due to which the pores of the face start to look smaller.

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In this case, your skin becomes very glowing and soft during and after periods, as your body is preparing itself for ovulation. According to experts, estrogen has a powerful effect on all types of cells that make up the connective tissue element. Like collagen makes elastin and hydraulic acid. During periods, estrogen goes to the peak in a woman and as a result of further valuation, a glowing skin is found.

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