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Do Not Parrot Propaganda Of Russian Outsiders Ukraine On Chinese Ambassador…

Ukraine On Chinese Ambassador Sovereignty Remarks: Ukraine on Sunday (April 23) termed the comments made towards China’s ambassador to France as absurd. The Chinese ambassador questioned the sovereignty of post-Soviet countries. According to the news agency AFP, during a conversation with the news channel LCI on Friday (April 21), Chinese Ambassador Lu Shaye said that the countries that emerged after the collapse of the Soviet Union do not have an effective status under international law. He argued that there is no international agreement for such countries to confirm their status as sovereign nations.

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Meaning of Chinese Ambassador’s remarks

The Chinese ambassador’s comments cast doubt not only on Ukraine (which Russia launched in February last year), but also on all former Soviet republics that emerged as independent nations after the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, including Several members of the European Union are involved.

Ukraine retaliated

Mykhailo Podolyak, an aide to Ukraine’s president, hit back on Sunday (April 23) that the position of post-Soviet countries was enshrined in international law. “It is strange to hear an absurd version of the history of Crimea from a representative who is clear about its thousand-year history,” Podolić said, referring to China.

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‘Don’t parrot propaganda of Russian outsiders’

Let us tell you that Moscow and Beijing have increased cooperation in the past years and Washington has accused Beijing that it is thinking of exporting weapons to Moscow, although China has denied this claim. Despite strong ties with Russia, China has tried to present itself as a neutral party in the Ukraine dispute. At the same time, China also proposed a vague political solution to the Ukraine conflict. To this Podolić said, “If you (China) want to become a big political player, don’t parrot propaganda of Russian outsiders.”

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