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Do not ignore these problems related to kidney May increase the risk of cancer…

The problems related to kidney disease have been increasing continuously in the last few years. It has been observed that more than 16% of the total population of the country is suffering from some form of kidney disease. This sudden increase has not only affected the overall health of a person but has also increased the risk of cardiovascular problems and even cancer. According to the Lancet, chronic kidney disease appears to be both a possible cause and consequence of cancer. In some cases, there is also an increased risk of kidney cancer, which can have fatal consequences. Let us know from experts what are its symptoms and methods of prevention-

Kidneys are one of the most important organs of the body that work to remove waste and toxins from the body. Along with this, the kidney is also helpful in removing excess water from our blood. According to Dr. Tushar Patil, Consultant Medical Oncologist, Manipal Hospital Kharadi, kidney cancer is considered as one of the 10 most common cancers in both men and women.

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Commonly known as kidney cancer, kidney cells turn into cancer and grow out of control to form a tumor. It first occurs in the form of a layer of small tubes in the kidney and later spreads throughout the organ. What makes this disease even more dangerous is that the symptoms are not easily recognized in the early stages.

According to Dr. Tushar Patil, there are many reasons for kidney cancer, it has also been observed that people with advanced stage of kidney disease, especially those who require dialysis, are more prone to this life-threatening condition. Some studies suggest that people on long-term dialysis have a 5-fold increased risk of kidney cancer. Although cancer tumors can grow very large before they are detected, there is a possibility of preventing them from spreading to other organs.

Recognize the symptoms of kidney cancer like this

Dr. Tushar told that in most of the cases, kidney cancer does not show any specific symptoms in its early stage and many symptoms can develop inside the body as the disease progresses. Some of these include: recurrent fever, blood in urine, persistent back pain, loss of appetite, unexplained weight loss, and fatigue.

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Some important information related to treatment

According to Dr. Tushar, there is no definite solution to avoid the risk of kidney cancer but the risk can definitely be reduced by keeping an eye on the possible symptoms. This includes:

Routine Checkup: People who have a history of kidney disease or suffer from obesity and high blood pressure have a higher risk of kidney cancer. Therefore, it is advisable to inculcate the habit of regular check-ups to detect cancer at an early stage. In addition, people who have had a family history of cancer or kidney disease should also pay special attention to their condition. Medications are also recommended to control conditions such as high blood pressure.

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Quit Smoking: Tobacco smoke contains many cancer-causing chemicals which are absorbed by our lungs and transferred during blood circulation. Since the kidney cleans the blood, these chemicals damage kidney cells and increase the risk of kidney cancer. Therefore, it is advisable to quit smoking at an early stage before becoming addicted.

Maintain a healthy weight: The increased body weight can lead to changes in hormones that increase the risk of triggering cancer. If the amount of fat in the body is high, it increases the level of insulin and some hormones which can double the risk of kidney cancer.

Therefore, a healthy weight should be controlled with lots of physical activity. If someone is already overweight or obese, they should reduce calorie intake on a daily basis and include some form of physical exercise as part of their daily routine.

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