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Diesel-petrol Will Not Be Sold In Sri Lanka From Midnight Tonight Only Essential Services Will Operate In The Country

Sri Lanka Crisis: Sri Lanka, which is facing economic crisis, on Monday announced a ban on the sale of fuel for two weeks. Only essential services will operate in the country, for which fuel will be available. The list of essential services will include health, law and order, ports, airports, food distribution and agriculture. All non-essential services have been suspended till July 10.

“From midnight tonight, no fuel will be sold except for essential services like the health sector, as we want to preserve the small stock we have,” government spokesman Bandula Gunawardhan told AFP news agency. Apologizing to the consumers, he said, “We are sorry for the inconvenience caused to the people.”

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schools will be closed
Schools will remain closed and employees of private offices have been asked to work from home. Government officials have been asked to choose the option of work from home. This is the first time that Sri Lanka ran out of fuel. Long queues were being seen in front of petrol pumps for the last several days. People were forced to stand in queues for several days to buy petrol and diesel.

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Shortage of essentials in Sri Lanka
Let us tell you that since independence in 1948, Sri Lanka is facing the biggest economic crisis, due to which food, medicine, cooking gas are being sold across the country. And there has been a severe shortage of essential commodities like fuel.

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