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Diana Mickeviciene Ambassador Of Lithuania To India Speaks In Hindi | Hindi…

Lithuania Ambassador Speaks Hindi: Along with the country, Hindi language has been dominant all over the world. There are people from many countries of the world who learn Hindi language and talk in the same language. In this sequence, the ambassador of Lithuania country has also learned Sanskrit language along with Hindi. Diana Mikwiczyn said on Monday (March 27) that her country takes pride in having close ties with the Sanskrit language. Along with this, he has also urged that more research should be done on this.

Speaking to news agency ANI, he said, “Lithuanian language is very close to Sanskrit. There is also a scientific fact of this. We do not know how this happened, so we are thinking of doing research on it. In the beginning, we learned this language only for translation. People in India do not know much about it, so we intend to spread our message to the people.

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Dictionary also published

He also told that a dictionary has also been published regarding this, which is of 108 words which are similar in Sanskrit and Luthian language. Giving examples, he said that there are words like Madhu, Dev, Agni etc. which are similar in our language and Sanskrit language. They believe that Sanskrit and Luthian languages ​​are among the oldest languages ​​of the world and there are many similarities between them.

Research on Sanskrit

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The Embassy, ​​in collaboration with the Vilnius University and the Institute of the Lithuanian Language, has published a dictionary of 108 words in Lithuanian and Sanskrit. All these words have the same sound and meaning in both the languages. Regarding this, he said that a research is needed. She says, “I think there is a need to do research and our idea is really to keep the research going. Like finding an Indian scholar of Sanskrit who would be interested in Lithuanian language, connecting them with Lithuanian scholars of Sanskrit, so that they can sit together. We could easily have 1008 words and many more similar words to research.”

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