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Diabetes symptoms start appearing the face be careful there may signs…

There has been a sudden increase in diabetes patients worldwide in the past few years, according to the World Health Organization, India alone has an increased number of people living with diabetes than in the world. According to WHO, by 2030, the number of diabetic patients in India may exceed 80 million. In such a situation, special care should be taken of changing lifestyle and food.

The symptoms of diabetes are very common, but to recognize them, your eyes will have to be special. Since many times this disease has entered our body but we come to know late. Let us tell you that diabetes also affects our skin, so it is very important to be careful. When your skin is affected, it means that the sugar level in your blood is very high. In most cases, this means pre-diabetes or the need for a change in treatment. That is why it is important to know and recognize them from time to time.

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Dryness in the skin i.e. dry skin: If the level of sand sugar in the body of any person increases, then the problem of frequent urination increases in the person. In such a situation, due to drinking less water and frequent toilet visits, the problem of dehydration starts in the body. Due to which the skin becomes dry. Sometimes yellowness in the skin also indicates that the amount of sugar in the blood has increased.

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dark spots: Sometimes dark black spots appear on the body of the patients. In such a situation, black patches can be formed in the throat or underarm of the victim. Sometimes they feel soft to touch but these are signs of pre-diabetes. In medical language, it is called acanthosis nigricans. This also may give you a signal to increase insulin in your blood.

Red, yellow or brown spots on the skin: According to health experts, if a person has a problem with diabetes, then the problem of pain increases with itching on his skin. In such a situation, many times people start having problems of pimples. Apart from this, if yellow, red or brown spots form on the skin, then all are symptoms of pre-diabetes. It is called necrobiosis lipodica in medical language. If any such symptoms are seen, then get your sugar level checked immediately.

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Delayed Healing of Wounds: According to health experts, it takes time to heal the wounds in the skin due to increased blood sugar. In fact, in diabetes, the nerves of patients can be damaged and there can also be problems in blood circulation. Along with this, due to nerve damage, it becomes difficult to heal the wounds on the skin. When such a problem occurs, it is called a diabetic ulcer. If you are also facing such problem, then you should consult a doctor immediately.

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