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diabetes rice should be consumed in this way can help controlling blood…

In Indian households, a plate of food is not complete without rice. People like to eat rice in many families of India. But eating rice can cause many harm to humans. It can increase your body weight or even a person suffering from diabetes is advised not to eat it.

But do you know why this happens? This happens because people do not cook it properly, due to which its nutrition is removed, but its harmful element arsenic goes into the body. So it is very important that the rice is properly prepared. Let us know how people suffering from diabetes should cook rice-

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This method of cooking rice has been named by the scientist as Parboiling With Absorption Method, which has been discovered by the University of Sheffield. This PBA method is described in a research published in Science of the Total Environment. According to this method, the rice should first be pre-boiled, in which it is boiled for 5 minutes before preparing the rice. This removes the arsenic.

Cook rice on low flame. When the rice absorbs water well, the gas should be turned off. According to research, if rice is cooked in this way, up to 50 percent of arsenic can be removed from brown rice, while up to 74 percent of arsenic can be removed from white rice.

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It is a chemical that is a chemical present in many health problems such as arsenic minerals. It is often used as a pesticide. At the same time, vomiting, stomach pain, diarrhea or cancer can be caused. Therefore, it is advised that rice should be cooked in such a way that its arsenic is removed. Arsenic is a chemical present in minerals. Arsenic is used as a pesticide. Exposure to it can cause vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea or even cancer. Therefore, it is advisable to cook rice in such a way that it removes the arsenic.

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If rice is cooked in this way, it not only releases arsenic and a person can save himself from many serious diseases. Rather, many other benefits can be obtained from this. Cooking rice with PBA technology also reduces the starch content in it. Due to which it does not harm even diabetics. When the starch is low, the blood sugar level does not rise suddenly by eating rice.

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