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Diabetes Control Tips-5 Tips to Get Your Diabetes Under Control -Diabetes…

Diabetes is a rapidly spreading disease that if not controlled can increase the risk of many diseases. Due to poor lifestyle and poor diet, people are falling prey to this disease at a young age. There is no cure to eliminate this disease from the root, but this disease can be controlled by controlling diet and eating habits.

To control diabetes, the most important thing is to lose weight, eat well and exercise. You may also need diabetes medications or insulin therapy if diet and exercise are not controlling diabetes. Dr Pramod Tripathi who is the founder of Freedom from Diabetes told that to control diabetes, first of all control obesity and make lifestyle changes so that you can control this disease. Let us know from experts how to control diabetes.

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Get up early in the morning: If you want to control diabetes, then make a habit of sleeping on time at night and waking up early in the morning. Those who wake up late at night are 6 times more likely to develop diabetes than those who go to bed early and get up early. Some studies conducted by the University of Leicester and the University of South Australia have found that sleep-related habits are responsible for type 2 diabetes.

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Exercise regularly: Exercising regularly helps in increasing the insulin sensitivity in your body. Exercising helps in reducing weight, as well as controlling sugar. Do walk 1-2 kilometers every morning.

Check sugar regularly: If you want to control sugar, then regularly check the level of sugar in the blood. By checking the sugar, you will get an idea of ​​​​the rise and fall of sugar.

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Keep the body active Patients of diabetes should not keep the body on the bed all the time but also do household chores. If the body remains active, sugar will remain under control.

Control diet: Diabetes patients should avoid sweet things in the diet to control sugar. Do not consume tea, rice and potatoes in the diet, these foods increase sugar rapidly.

Homemade remedies are effective: To control sugar, take bitter gourd juice, amla, berries and basil, diabetes will be controlled as well as immunity will also be boosted.

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