Design Evo Review : Features, Specification, Pricing, And Ratings

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Logo plays a huge role when it comes to establishing a business visually, its the face of your business, designing a logo can be tricky if you aren’t trained professionals, as well as it may cost up to 500$ to 2000$ if you higher professional logo designer.

What if you could minimize the expenditure and get all the benefits of professional logo designer for free. Wouldn’t it be so nice? Well, today in this post you’ll know everything about Design Evo Logo Maker & Logo Creator, I’m going to walk you through every little detail that you’ll be required to build beautiful logo on your own, without any prior knowledge of professional logo designing.

Design Evo Review

What is Design Evo Logo Maker & Logo Creator?

You might already get the idea about it as the name itself clears everything, Design Evo Logo maker & Logo creator is a web application, where you can create and design your own logo for free. You don’t have to download or install any software in your device, as it’s a web-based application you can use it within your web browser but active internet connection is required. Another Interesting thing about Design Evo is that they have an Android and iOS app, which you can install in your smartphone and design your logo anywhere.

The Android app has a pretty simple and clean user interface, you can use the App version to generate an idea about your logo and re-edit the logo on your PC or laptop, as it’s more convenient to design there with all the features enabled.

Design Evo Logo Maker And Creator Features And Specification

Design Evo is equipped with lots of cool features, with plenty of fully customizable professional logo templates, thousands of fonts and icons to choose from.

7000+ professionally designed templates.

Predesigned templates are great to get the idea for the logo, and if you want you can just pick a logo template from the directory, change the texts and colors according to your preferences, and it will be ready. The process will not take more than 5 to 15 minutes to fully customize.

The templates are organized in a category and it’s easy to navigate through the categories and select the predesigned logo if you want a logo for your real estate website you can choose the real estate category and select the logo that you find attractive. Some of the popular categories are Animal & Pet Logo, 3D Logo, Letter Logo, Company Logo, School Logo, Monogram Logo etc.

Design Evo Review

Over one million icons available to search through

An icon is a signature or symbol of any particular thing,  so a good icon is must when it comes to designing a logo of high quality, you may have already seen 100s of icons already, small picture symbols describing any particular work or process is easier than writing a whole long sentence.

However, Design evo has over one millions of icon that you can use in your logo and also for free.

Hundreds of text fonts and shapes to choose from

A sloppy text isn’t attractive at all, and no one will read if the text font is not easy to read, while a clean and clear font  is always recommended, for a logo you might want to use unique fonts which will reflect your brand and provide quality, on the other hand, stylish and modern font will, of course, attract the attention.

Fully customizable features

Designing logo in a Design Evo is not a rocket science, so anyone with a minimal knowledge of designing can do the job pretty quickly. Designing a logo is easy if you are not bound or limited to some extent features, as design Evo is fully customizable and you can edit and change any element that you see on your screen.

Let me show a quick tutorial on how you can edit a logo on Design Evo web app.


As I have mentioned earlier Design Evo is a web-based app, all you need to have is an active internet connection and a laptop or PC. You can choose a free plan if you want to use the low-resolution logo, however, if you want you can also buy premium packages for a lifetime with one time fees.Design Evo Review

49$ is nothing comparing to its features and the output product it can provide. Of course, you can make unlimited logos for the lifetime, if you are planning to work on multiple projects then you don’t have to worry about logos anymore. Usually, Design Evo comes with two package pricing, Basic and Plus,  On the basic Package you’ll not get copyright ownership which is the most important part of any business. Basic package cost 24$ one time fee, which is very small amount comparing to hiring a logo designer. On the other hand, the Plus package cost 49$ which is also a great deal, and moreover, you’ll get everything on the basic package including copyright ownership, vector files, and fonts.

Ratings And Review

Overall looking at different factors and prices design Evo is one of the best Logo creators in the market till date. Due to its simple and easy user interface, the designing process isn’t hard to learn. Plenty of icons and templates makes it more resourceful. As it is now, Design Evo brings sophisticated design abilities to the masses. We can only hope future features don’t render the service complicated to use.


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