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Delta Air Lines Flight Delayed In US As Swarm Of Bees Latches Onto Plane…

US Flight Delayed By Bees: You must have seen and heard many incidents of flight being late, but have you ever seen a flight being delayed because of bees. This has happened in America. In fact, on Wednesday (May 3), a Delta Airlines flight in the US was delayed for four and a half hours due to this reason.

According to media reports, a swarm of bees was captured at the end of the fan of the aircraft. A lot of effort had to be made to remove this herd from there. Because of this, the passengers had to wait for hours for the flight.

Flight delayed by 4 hours 15 minutes

According to a CBS News report, the flight was scheduled to depart from Houston for Atlanta at 12:25 p.m. But due to the swarm of bees, it was able to fly at 4:30 pm. When the passengers came to know about the reason for the flight delay, people expressed surprise.

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A passenger on board the plane tweeted about the whole incident. Along with this, the passenger advised the airlines that they should contact an expert in catching bees. A user named Anjali Anjeti, who was aboard the flight, tweeted this.

He wrote in the tweet, “My flight is taking time to take off from Houston because the bees have gathered on the back of the plane. In such a situation, until the bees are removed, we will not be able to fly. But this How on earth will this happen? Will the swarm of bees leave the plane when we take off?” Along with this, he also shared a picture of bees sitting on the wing of the aircraft.

had to call the beekeeper

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Anjali Anjeti also said in the tweet, “As we have been informed that the flight attendants are calling someone to see the bees. Now it has to be seen how to drive them away.” According to the report, the airline has allegedly Several measures were initially considered, including pest treatment and contacting a beekeeper.

Actually the airline had a doubt that the bees would run away after taking off. According to a Delta Airlines spokesperson, the bees flew away when the plane was pushed past the gate without any passengers. Only after this the plane could take off.

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