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Data Protection Bill Personal Data Access Only In Exceptional Situations…

Data Protection Bill 2022: Big news is coming out regarding the Data Protection Bill. Union Minister of State for Electronics and IT Rajeev Chandrasekhar (Rajeev Chandrasekhar, Union Minister of State for Electronics and IT) said that the government will not violate the privacy of any citizen under the Data Protection Bill. The Modi government at the Center will be able to get access to personal data of a person only in a few cases like national security, corona epidemic or at the time of any natural disaster.

DPDP not part of the bill

According to media reports, Minister Rajeev Chandrasekhar said that the provision of anonymization of data has been made in the National Data Governance Framework Policy, although it is not a part of the Digital Personal Data Protection (DPDP) Bill 2022.

Constitution of Data Protection Board

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Minister Chandrasekhar said that a Data Protection Board will be constituted under the new Data Protection Bill, which will be associated with data protection matters and will function independently. No government official will be included in this board.

Exemption to Notified Entities

In the draft of the DPDP bill, entities notified by the government will get exemption in many ways including sharing details from data collection. Subjects notified by the government will be exempted from these provisions. Also they are related to informing a person about the purpose of data collection, collection of children’s data, risk assessment of public order, appointment of data auditor.

privacy will not be violated

On the question asked about the interference in the privacy of the citizens through this law, during the Twitter Live, the Union Minister said that it is not like that at all. It has been made clear in the draft of the bill that the government can obtain personal data of a person only during some special circumstances like national security, epidemic or any natural disaster. He said that in the proposal of the bill, under the ‘right to personal data information’, the data management organizations notified by the government have been issued a proposal to share the details of data processing with the data owners. Also prevents the managing entities from sharing wrong information.

penalty provision
Let us tell you that there are many such provisions in the draft bill, so that data processing organizations should collect data only with the explicit consent of the individuals. If these units or entities processing data on their behalf violate any provision of the bill, the draft proposes a fine of up to Rs 500 crore.

permission to change data
A large number of such applications have come under the Right to Information Act, which are unnecessary. Due to this the burden on government departments has increased. Keeping this in mind, the organizations notified by the government have been exempted from the RTI section. Data will be allowed to be changed and kept in other countries on the basis of mutual agreement and trust.

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