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Dancer Girl Lost Both Feet Hand Due To Mosquito Girl Became Trending News…

Latest Trending News: ‘A mosquito makes a man a eunuch…’ You must have heard this dialogue from Nana Patekar’s film Yashwant. Describing the menace of mosquitoes, people definitely remember this dialogue after being troubled by mosquitoes, but have you ever thought that mosquitoes can be even more dangerous than this.

If not, then this news will surprise you. Due to mosquito, something happened to dancer Tatiana Timon, who lives in Camberwell, South London, which she cannot forget for the rest of her life. Actually, Tatiana became a victim of malaria last year. After this the condition worsened and the doctors had to amputate his legs.

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The world suddenly changed in May 2022

According to the report of Daily Star, Tatiana Timon was a very good dancer before 2022. He was fond of dancing. In May 2022, she went on a dance trip to Angola. Here he took training for 10 days. After this she returned to her country. However, a few days after returning to the country, his health deteriorated. Actually, she had come under the grip of Melia, but she was not aware of it. Because there was a wave of corona at that time, they thought it was a symptom of Kovid-19. In such a situation, he ignored things by taking some essential medicines.

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Illness detected on hospitalization

Gradually she started getting weak. The situation became such that she could not even go to the bathroom. When the condition worsened, he was admitted to the hospital. There the doctors told that you have malaria. However, by then the matter had increased. He also had sepsis now. At the hospital, doctors decided to amputate both of Tatiana’s legs and arms to prevent sepsis. The family members agreed for this. When Tatiana regained consciousness a few hours after her arms and legs were amputated and saw her arms and legs missing, she was stunned. Later everything was told to him.

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Tatiana wants to make herself self-sufficient

According to the report, at first she broke down seeing her arms and legs missing, but then she decided to live life firmly. Now she is trying to do everyday work on her own. She wants to make herself self-reliant. For this, she is also taking many types of training. She does many things herself now.

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