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Cyber ​​Fraud In The Name Of Electricity Bill Customers Targeted By Cyber…

Cyber ​​Fraud In Name Of Electricity Bill: Cyber ​​fraudsters adopt new tactics to defraud people. These days, cyber fraudsters have been cheated by sending fraud messages (Cyber ​​fraud in name of Electricity Bill) by sending SMS or WhatsApp message to the number of electricity consumers threatening to cut the electricity connection and asking to deposit the electricity bill.

Cyber ​​fraud in the name of electricity bill
These days these types of messages are coming on the mobile phones of many people. The message came on the mobile phone of Sourav Sharma, who lives in Noida, Uttar Pradesh. In which it was written that dear customer, your electricity connection will be disconnected from the electricity office at 9.30 pm tonight because the bill for last month has not been updated. Please contact our Electricity Officer on the given mobile number. Sourav was also surprised to see this message because he had paid the electricity bill. Showing understanding, he did not talk on the mobile number given in the message, but on the phone on the customer care number of the power supplying company, then told him that the electricity bill paid by him is updated. And this is a fraud message. But not everyone shows the understanding of Saurav and they do their harm by falling in the guise of these cyber frauds.

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Fraud message cutting electricity connection
Cyber ​​criminals also send a mobile number to the electricity consumer along with the message of the outstanding bill and a link to submit the bill. It is written in the message that if the bill is not deposited for a period, the connection will be disconnected. On calling the number given in the message, the phone is disconnected and then a message is sent asking you to deposit money from the given link. OTP is also taken from the consumers through the link.

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how to avoid fraud
Let us tell you that the electricity department never sends messages threatening to cut the connection if the bill is not paid. Also, the electricity department never sends a message from any mobile number and does not ask to contact the mobile number. Rather, the message will always come in the name of the power supplying company. For example, a message will come from BG-BSESRP in Delhi and VK-NDPLBK in Noida. If the consumer receives such phone calls, then he should contact the customer care or local office of the electricity department. Also pay the electricity bill through the right website or app only. Awareness is a big way to avoid cyber crime.

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Note: For online fraud complaint, you can call the helpline number 1930. Along with this, you can also register your complaint on the website of cyber fraud: https//

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