Creative Writing Trends of 2021

Creative Writing Trends of 2021
Written by Rohan Mathew

Writers are not sacred; words are. It took excellent knowledge and wisdom for Patrick Barry, a professor at the University of Michigan Law School to quote this. Words deserve respect, and when you get the right ones in the proper order, you might as well change the world. Nothing is a cure to my bad days as much as finding a brilliantly creative piece of writing. It is always spellbinding to experience other people’s level of creativity. As enthralling as the stories are, they give you a sense of challenge to expand your level of imagination. Without guidance and motivation, creative writing can be daunting. That blinking cursor forms the basis of all your nightmares, especially if you happen to experience writer’s block. Innovative creative writing trends change gradually, as much as time keeps changing. The following are trends writers in 2021 incline to:

  1. Blog posts.

During the pandemic, most companies furloughed their employees. Despondency and gloom hit most people in the most brutal ways imaginable. However, blogs offered many a vast opportunity to hit back and stand back on their feet. Dan McKenzie, a blogger, confesses that blogging taught him that self-confidence is not something you naturally have but a result of pushing yourself and taking the risk.

Blog posts have progressively become the most common form of writing,SC website helps to write error free blogs, especially throughout the pandemic. . Blogs are the easiest to form, not adding that they are entirely free to begin. A study by HubSpot revealed that about 60% of people still read blog posts at least once a week. Initially, blogs were like personal diaries that people shared online. Nowadays, they have become efficient earning criteria. Most businesses heavily rely on blogs to advertise, market, and inform their audiences about their products. This is because they form the easiest method of updating their audiences progressively. If you have wanted to develop a blog, but you are timid, do form the blog and start working. This might happen to be your most significant milestone.

  1. Demand for online books.

The smell of novel hard books reminds me of everything that is right on earth. Were it possible, I’d capture the book scent and transform it into a perfume. However, hard book copies have reduced over time. Looking for a particular book can make you walk from store to store, with a robust burning fire of desire to find your gem. However, after two successive days, the fore slowly fades, and you give up on your quest. The presence of online books has solved this problem. Platforms like the Internet Archive allow you to find absolutely any book you wish to find anywhere in the world. Online book platforms such as Goodreads, Wattpad, and eBooks provide a worldwide platform for writers to write their content and market themselves. They allow space for fresh content from young creative writers who learn how to base their careers. The Internet has been the go-to ally for everything in our lives. Life would have been unimaginable without it.

  1. Children and young adult books

 As of 2020, most learning has been conducted online. For most parents, having kids at home may have been a nightmare. Children need to be kept active throughout. Creative writings regarded to kids have become popular over the pandemic. The essays engage kids and equip them with life skills and imagination skills. Creative pieces have also allowed kids to understand the Corona Pandemic and teach them how to safeguard themselves from the virus. 

On the other hand, teenagers enjoy stories with a bit of fiction, romance, and suspense. The pandemic has created a lot of free time, allowing a reasonable time for hobbies like reading. The books allow the teenagers to gain a broad spectrum of adult life, teaching them what to expect in the future and how to brace themselves for situations. Reading young adult books also boosts their confidence and enhances their maturity process.

  1. Online plays and poem performances.

In the recent past, movie and book openings heightened our eager selves and built expectations within us. However, as from last year, everything felt locked, and dreams seemed shattered. Life changed within a blink, and everything felt like a dead end. Sri Chinmoy quotes, “Do not blame the world, find a solution. Creative writers have hence found ways to cope and deal with the pandemic in the most appropriate ways. Platforms such as Webinars allow writers to gather people and conduct play and poem performances effortlessly. Others opt for other techniques such as YouTube to air their content, get feedback and entertain their audiences. Shifting these performances has been nothing but advantageous. With the proper advertisement and support, the performances have gained massive audiences compared to previous years. 

  1. Visual themes.

Visual themes form the skeleton of creative writing. Creative writing ought to create a mental image of the characters for the reader, allowing them to feel their emotions and closely fit in their shoes. Visual themes can be achieved in many ways. One way of achieving visual themes is through futurizing. The literary scene is no longer a stranger to futuristic landscapes and imagery. We move through days filled with devices and pixelated images, calling to mind alternate realities. Adding an aspect of the future creates a modern creative mood filled with adventure and curiosity.   

Another method of attaining visual themes is through romanticism. Romanticism is a literary movement that emphasizes the importance of freedom and artistic expression.

 Such scenes create hope for romance novel readers about love. It creates a vibe about comfort, resilience, and connection.

Literary and creative writing changes according to times, culture, perceptions, and circumstances. Old is gold, but new is platinum. As times change, so do we and our norms. Joan Young, an academic essay writer from a professional service AdvancedWriters, observes that transformation is never comfortable. However, to improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often. Writing may feel impossible in this time we face, but to dare not to dream is a waste of talent and opportunity. So take this time and make the most significant moves ever imagined

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