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Cowardice Tax In Medieval Britain All You Need To Know

Cowardice Tax: In Britain, debauched people used to pay taxes because they did not have to fight the war. This thing is from 12th to 13th century. Then the rich people who were afraid of the war, had the option of staying away from the war by paying the tax of cowardice. Through this tax, big people and vassals used to get rid of the fear of being handicapped in the war.

By the way, you must have heard about more than one tax, but you would have rarely heard about the tax of cowardice. In the medieval times, by paying this tax, the debauched people were saved from war. Due to which he could get ample opportunity for debauchery. At the same time, he used to avoid the fear that he might get hurt in the fight. This tax continued during the reign of King Henry I (1100–1135) to Stephen (1135–1154).

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Let us tell you that in medieval times, war between countries used to be a common thing. Any country used to attack other country and occupy it. In those days it was necessary for every youth to join the army. But the rich youth found a solution to this too.

also called shield money

Let us tell that this tax was also called scutage or shield money. The interesting thing is that this tax had to be paid not only in the days of war whereas it had to be paid in normal days also. So that instead of the young rich, someone else can be recruited in the army and trained.

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During that time there used to be a tremendous trend of this tax. Alam was that after Britain, in the 12th and 13th centuries, other countries also adopted it. This tax was also adopted in France and Germany. This tax was used to increase revenue. However, this tax was banned in the 14th century. After this, different options were found to increase the revenue.

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used to be a strange tax

At that time a tax was imposed on the windows. It was started in the year 1696 by the British King William III. Then there were big palatial houses, in which there were many windows. This tax would have been applicable after 6 windows.. It was easy to collect this tax, because then there were no apartments and the windows of every house could be seen from far away.

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