Top 3 Heroes Who Counter Teemo Hard?

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It is not so difficult to counter Teemo, with proper strategy and practices you can easily master any character and use it in a proper way to counter any heroes. However’ before going to the main concept let me give a brief idea about the League of legend game first so that you can understand it better.

What is League of legend? – Game Play- Counter Teemo

It is a multiplayer online game designed by the developer Riot games released for Microsoft Platform and OS X.  Strategy based multiplayer online battle game played by millions of players worldwide. There are two teams associated with powerful champions,

who have their own unique playing style and strategy, and fights each other online. There are many characters and heroes in the game and every player has to choose some heroes in which they are good at and start battling against each other to defeat by destroying the Nexus and towers.


Who is Teemo?

Teemo is a champion character of League of legend game; a player can choose this character to play the league of legend game online. It is also known as the swift scout of Bandle city. There are many amazing Abilities of them such as Guerrilla Warfare which increases his Attack speed along with Invisibility.

Counter teemo

Blinding Dart (which blinds the enemy target for few seconds attacking some powerful venom), move quick ability, Toxic Shot, Noxious Trap and much more. Teemo has the health capacity of 515.76 and increases by 82 per level increase.

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And also health regeneration speed increases 0.62 per level increase initially it has 5.74. Teemo has the Attack damage capacity of 49.54 and increase per level of amount 3. Initial Armor 24.3 increases 3.75 per level. Attack speed (0.690) increases per level of about 3.38. It has the magic resistance capacity of 30, and movement speed 330.

Who Counter Teemo hard?

It is not so difficult to counter any of your enemies if you know the weak points, and to know the weak points you must have to research and know every detail of the character (champions) whom you want to defeat. And Teemo also has many of the weak points in which you can focus and defeat him in a match, so here are the points to remember.

Teemo has the blinding Dart ability, an auto attack based champions cannot defeat Teemo as the blinding dart ability would blind you and mess you up. Teemo is very slow while cooling down the move quick ability so we take into consideration that Teemo is weak against the gap closers. The mushroom abilities of Teemo can be countered by some Oracle Elixir or Pink wards.

There are many champion characters, each of them has its own unique specialties’ and weak points, some of the characters are hard against another as the abilities are different and if you know how to use the abilities you can easily defeat your enemy. Although there are many champions available in the game, but only a few of them are strong against Teemo, such as Yorick pantheon, etc who counter Teemo Hard. Below are the tips and tricks that are given to counter Teemo as some of the characters which the Teemo is weak against.

 Yorick counter Teemo hard.

Counter teemo

Yorick can easily defeat Teemo as it is more powerful in every ability then the Teemo, such as Yorick has more health capacity then the Teemo along with speed regeneration of health, it also has more Attack damage, more Armors, Attack speeds, Movement speed, Magic Resist etc.

well, you can also use the Yorick in such way that the mushroom of Teemo doesn’t effect at all. When you see that Teemo drops a mushroom, you can pop the mushroom by using the ability Omen of Pestilence (W) and there will be no Damages of mushroom to you.

If you failed to locate the mushroom you can use your Ghost walkability, let your ghost walk before you, so that if the mushroom detonate you’ll not get hit. Yorick is powerful in every aspect than the Teemo and it can counter Teemo hard.

Rumble counter Teemo Hard.

Counter teemo

Rumble is another champion who has the power to defeat the Teemo, you will find that in the initial stage Rumble is weak usually between 1-3 levels, as the level increases the power level of the Rumble started to increase and at the level of 4-5 Rumble can easily defeat the Teemo.

You will only have to survive in initial level use Q to counter the waves, or use the abilities E and W. as you know the range of Teemo is short you take advantage of it. Play passively until you reach the level 5 and, try not to chase too far and watch for the blind ability of Teemo. You use the W to shield yourself from blinding ability of Teemo.

Pantheon counter Teemo Hard

Counter teemo

Pantheon is another champion who has the ability to defeat Teemo, although the health regeneration and other power factors are not that much good comparing to others, still Pantheon has some dangerous moves or strategies which the Teemo cannot withstand, shield you from the blinding attack of Teemo by blocking, shield yourself and try to block the first AA attack so that you can do your stun and attack him with your spear thrust, you will find that he will try to run away from you, chase him and throw spear most of the Teemo players get damaged while running. Also, you can create your own strategy and counter Teemo hard.

 We all know practice makes perfect and the game like League of Legend is needed to practice more as there are thousands of player worldwide playing years and years, it is not impossible to defeat Teemo. The players or champions mentioned above can easily countersTeemo hard. Focus on the weak points and advantages of players. Practice and follow a strong strategy.

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