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Coronavirus China Govt Says COVID 19 Deaths Fallen By Nearly 80 Percent…

China on COVID-19 Deaths: There is havoc in China due to Corona Pandemic. According to media reports, about 80 percent of the population here has come under the grip of corona infection and the number of dead is increasing continuously. Everyday hundreds of people are dying due to Covid infection. However, the Chinese government is trying to hide the figure of devastation from Kovid.

Chinese officials have said that since the beginning of January this year, the number of daily COVID-19 deaths in China has declined by about 80 percent.

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Has the number of deaths from Kovid decreased in China?

China’s Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said in a statement on Wednesday that there were 896 deaths due to the virus in hospitals on Monday, a decline of 79 percent since January 4. The CDC said serious cases in hospitals also declined to 36,000 as of Monday, indicating a 72 per cent decline from a high of 128,000 on 5 January.

Why is China hiding the figures?

The entire system has collapsed due to the Corona epidemic in China and a large number of people are losing their lives, but the Chinese government is not ready to accept this. It is believed that the figures of Beijing regarding the death due to Corona are not correct and they represent only a fraction of the deaths. It is being told that the death figures shared by China are only from urban areas. There was no counting of deaths due to corona in rural areas.

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death toll from corona in china

The CDC said last week that between January 13 and 19, about 13,000 people had died of diseases related to Kovid (COVID-19). The previous announcement said that nearly 60,000 people had succumbed to the virus in hospitals in just one month. According to media reports, hospitals and crematoriums in China were overcrowded in late December and early January.

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