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Don’t Be Community Spreader: In the last few days, there has been a rapid increase in corona cases, in such a situation it becomes your responsibility as a good citizen to stop it from spreading. Do not be casual when you have fever, you may have good immunity but it will have a greater effect on those who come in contact with you. In case of fever, get corona tested and knowing that do not spread this disease in your community. Follow social distancing as much as possible.

don’t be a community spreader

When fever comes, understand your social responsibility and do not infect people. If you have a fever yourself and someone inadvertently comes to your house or comes to meet you, then alert him about it from afar. It is a festive time and a long weekend, but if there are any symptoms of fever, then do not socialize with people. If the child has mild fever or cold and cough, do not send him to school. Make sure to wear a mask when going to the medical store, going to the doctor or leaving the room. Inform your domestic helper about this too or keep him away from your room.

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Isolate in case of fever

Body pain, cold, sore throat before the fever comes, if all these symptoms come, then understand and isolate yourself in advance. In case of fever, keep yourself in self-quarantine for 2-3 days.

Follow mask social distancing

Along with being quarantined, it is also necessary to have a mask and keep wearing a mask in the room where you are. Even if you want to go to the doctor, do not go without a double mask. Remember that doctors are fulfilling their responsibility, in such a situation, you have to stop yourself from spreading this disease.

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