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Corona Strong Immune System Does Not Get Infected

Covid Treatment: Kovid has taken crores of people in its grip in its own country. There will be hardly any house in India, where Corona has not knocked. Omicron variant and Delta variant wreaked havoc in the country and the world. Thousands of people died due to the delta variant in India. The virus is still floating in the air. Doctors say that Corona persecuted people with weak immunity more. But whose immune system remained strong. It entered his body, but could not do any harm.

One in 10 people in the UK have not had Covid
It has been almost three years since the corona virus emerged in China and wreaked havoc all over the world. According to the BBC, an estimated one in 10 people in the UK have not yet been infected in the summer. Scientists and doctors are surprised to see this and are trying to know whether it is just a coincidence or something else. Corona could not hit even near some people.

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so did not get infected
Why didn’t people come under the grip of this dangerous virus? Investigating it remains an important subject for the scientist. Some reasons behind this came to the fore in the investigation. One of the common reasons could be that these people have actually been infected, but their viral load may have been too low to detect Covid. Another reason may have been that people have followed the Kovid protocol seriously and have never come under the grip of the virus. It can also happen that whenever some people have come in contact with the virus. The antibodies present in his body immediately drove out the virus.

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This also came to the fore in other studies
The study was published on August 1, 2022, in the journal JAMA Network Open. It was revealed in the study that out of 210 people involved in the study, 56 percent people were affected by the Omicron virus. But they could not know about it. When mild symptoms of Covid were seen in many people, they did not take it seriously considering it to be some other disease. In another study, the virus was put into the noses of 34 healthy people. But only half the people got sick from it.

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