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Cornflakes: कॉर्नफ्लेक्स आपकी सेहत को कर सकता है खराब, रिसर्च में हुआ…

Cornflakes Side Effects: Today’s run-of-the-mill lifestyle has the biggest effect on our food. Nowadays people do not have much time to cook breakfast or three meals a day. Nowadays people depend more on the market for food. Nowadays people like to eat cornflakes for breakfast. Some people mix milk in it and eat it. It is said that cornflakes are made only from maize flour but you will be surprised to know that it can prove to be very harmful for health. 

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Cornflakes at breakfast

To make cornflakes more healthy in breakfast, most people add strawberries, mixed fruits, almonds and organic honey to it. Added sugar and salt found in cornflakes are added. It is processed. Due to which ill health can be very bad. 

Risk of obesity, heart disease and diabetes
According to the news of Health Shot, cornflakes do not contain as much nutrition as our body needs. Also, fiber is also less in it. You must have seen that after eating cornflakes, people get hungry quickly. Nutritionist Kavita Devgan in Healthshot’s news says that cornflakes lack nutrients and 

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Cornflakes Not Good for Diabetics
Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health Dr. Frank Hu According to the sugar and salt in cornflakes, high blood pressure and inflammation, diabetes and fatty liver, obesity The danger of This keeps the risk of heart attack and stroke. 

Cornflakes are made from toasting flakes of corn ie maize. Cornflakes is a packaged food that is often eaten with milk and sugar. The largest production of cornflakes is at the Trafford Park factory in Manchester, England. 

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Eating cornflakes increases the risk of diabetes. Glycemic index is a measurement in this. From which we get to know the amount of sugar level in the food. 

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