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Cooking Tips: Curd bursts while making gravy, don’t panic, follow these recipes…

 Add Curd In Gravy: There is always a complaint of women that whenever they make any curd vegetable or gravy, it often bursts while adding curd. For this, she is tired of making every effort but is unable to find any solution. To overcome this problem, today we are telling you some tips, with the help of which you will get the solution of this problem. Yes, by adopting these tips mentioned today, you can save the curd gravy from bursting. Also you can make it delicious. 

Prevent curd from bursting in gravy by these methods

First Tip
Whenever you are going to add curd to the gravy, beat the curd well before that. For this you can also take help of grinder. On the other hand, if you beat the curd by adding a little water, then the consistency of the curd will be correct and it will not be thick.

Second Tip
Whenever you have to add curd at that time when you make vegetable or gravy, then slow the gas or turn off the gas. Keep in mind that your gravy should be hot and not boiling. By doing this, your curd will not break in the gravy.
Third Tip
Whenever you put curd in the gravy, keep stirring it continuously till the curd is gravy. I do not mix well. Also keep in mind that it is necessary to bring a slight boil in it.

Disclaimer: The information provided here is based on assumptions and information only. It is important to mention here that does not endorse any kind of belief, information. Consult the relevant expert before applying any information or assumption.

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