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Coal Update Dragon Rake Railways Runs 3 Km Long Goods Train To Meet The Shortage…

Railway Coal UpdateIn the midst of today’s scorching heat, the Railways is doing new experiments to deal with the power crisis in North India. Railways is taking all measures to ensure quick supply of coal, from running new trains to increasing the capacity. For this, a total of 459 coal rakes are being run daily by the Railways. These include 429 indigenous coal rakes and 49 imported coal rakes.

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To increase the supply of coal, Railways has started running Dragon Rake. You will be surprised to hear that the Railways has run a three kilometer long goods train. This goods train has been deployed in the work of transporting coal to the power plants of North India after leaving Korba. There are many special things in this freight train. Only coal is being supplied by 240 wagon freight train.

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transport so much in one go

According to the information, 16,000 tonnes of coal is being transported by this dragon rake at a time. This goods train is running with 4 locomotives. Every day 70 such long haul goods trains have been started. For the last 2 weeks, goods trains equal to 2-3 goods trains are running everyday. 460 rakes of coal are being sent daily to power houses.

coal supply run from dragon rake

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In order to utilize the maximum capacity of railway tracks, railways has now started running long haul coal rake. This type of long rake is also called dragon rake. In this, a long haul rake is made by adding the Chal coal rake. There are 58 wagons in a rake. In May, till now, the Railways has run 70 such long haul trains daily. Altogether 1000 dragon rakes have been run.

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this is the root

This coal-laden dragon rake has been run from Korba to different power houses of North India, which is included in the longest rake ever.

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