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Christina Phillips World’s Fattest Woman With 700lbs Now Unrecognizable After…

World’s Fattest Woman: 30-year-old Christina Phillips from Mississippi, USA, is making headlines by reducing two-thirds of her body weight. At one point his weight had reached 700lbs (317.515 kg). Due to excessive obesity, she could not get out of the house for two years. In 2012, when Christina was only 20 years old, her weight had crossed 600 pounds (272 kg). Meanwhile, a TV series ‘My 600-lb Life’ came in America. Christina was also taken in this series. The weight kept increasing and Christina had to undergo gastric bypass surgery. Doctors advised that one has to lose weight first.

Christina was worried that she might become crippled in the process of losing weight. Had to go through many kinds of mental confusions and troubles. Due to obesity, there was also difficulty in breathing. According to the news of The Sun newspaper, Christina told the producer of the American TV series, “I am trapped inside this body, in which I do not want to live, because of this I have not been able to leave the house for two years.” The Sun also wrote, “The world’s heaviest woman at 700lbs is almost unrecognizable after shedding two-thirds of her body weight.”

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life changed after following doctor’s advice

Christina blamed her mother and husband for her obesity, saying that they allowed me to eat a lot of fast food. Eventually, a surgeon (Dr. Younan Nowzaradan) found Christina, who told her that for gastric bypass, she would have to lose weight first. The doctor made a diet chart, told exercises. In this way, he brought Christina’s weight to around 500 pounds (226.796 kg). In 2014, at the age of 22, Christine had gastric bypass surgery.

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News Reels

Christina Phillips, who was once called the fattest girl in the world, is now a beautiful looking woman. She flaunts her 185 pounds (83 kg) body in social media posts and is completely unrecognizable. She is the mother of two sons ‘Ethan’ and ‘Ezra’. He had told through a Facebook post that on September 2, his second child Ezra came into the world.

The struggle to lose weight also gave sorrow

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Christina, who looks happy, says that now she is living the golden moments of life, but when she feels that she has started gaining a little weight, then she gets nervous and starts taking precautions in eating and drinking for a few days. According to Christina, the husband (Zach) did not want the weight to be reduced through surgery. The tension increased so much that both of them got separated. She says, “After walking the first eight steps, I felt that I am going to die, now I can do whatever comes to my mind.”

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