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Chinese President Xi Jinping Russia Visit Impact On India Vladimir Putin…

Xi Jinping Russia Visit: The meeting of the heads of state of the two superpowers of the world is being watched by many countries including America and India. In the midst of the Russia-Ukraine war, Chinese President Xi Jinping has gone on a tour of Russia, where he will meet Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow. Indian foreign policy experts are taking Putin-Jinping meeting seriously. In fact, both Russia and China are countries that have been at loggerheads with America. And, they have been accusing America of wooing India in its favor.

Russia-China proximity is not good for India
Both Russia and China are terming their mutual relations as ‘No Limit Partnership’. This has increased India’s security concerns. Actually, Russia coming closer to China is not good for India’s security system. Russia has been India’s arms supplier for a long time. At the same time, China has also started buying weapons from Russia. These days when Russia finds itself standing alone between America and other western countries in the Ukraine-conflict, China is trying to take advantage of this opportunity. Chinese President Xi Jinping wants to portray himself as a ‘Global Leader’, and his path goes through the Russia-Ukraine battleground. If China tries to stop the Russia-Ukraine war and that effort is successful, then it is bound to increase the trust in China in the world.

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Will Xi talk to the President of Ukraine as well?
According to the report of The Wall Streets Journal, during his visit to Russia, Chinese President Xi Jinping can also talk to the President of Ukraine. In view of this possibility, foreign policy experts are thinking that during his visit to Russia, Jinping is going to mediate to end the Ukraine war. In fact, before the start of the Russia-Ukraine war, China was the biggest trading partner of Ukraine. Later he reduced the trade with Ukraine. Also did not condemn Russia’s attack on Ukraine.

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China will project junior partner to Russia?
In a blog at Think Tank Brookings, Senior Foreign Policy Fellow Ryan Huss wrote, ‘China wants to make Russia its junior partner for a long time. According to Ryan Huss, Jinping may call Putin his best friend, but Jinping has proved himself to be harshly insensitive when China’s interest comes to the fore. Projecting Russia as China’s junior partner is part of Jinping’s special strategy. By doing this, he wants to fulfill his own new ‘world order’ agenda.

If Russia comes to China’s side, then Jinping’s bullying will increase
If Russia goes in China’s court, then China’s reputation will speak in the world, which will weaken India’s strategic calculus. It is known that in the current bipolar world, America is on one side and Russia is on the other side, both these countries have been supporting India on various issues, while China considers India as its rival. And, the weakening of Russia means the strengthening of China, which will prove to be a loss for a peace-loving country like India. Jinping has been bullying small countries.

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China’s attitude towards India has been aggressive
India and China have not had cordial relations since the 1960s, in 1962, China attacked India and grabbed a large area of ​​Ladakh. Since then, there has been a situation of tension on the thousands of kilometer long border of both the countries. During the outbreak of the Corona epidemic in 2020, the Chinese army tried to encroach in many areas of Ladakh. During that clash, 20 Indian soldiers were martyred. After that there were scuffles at many other places as well. Till now the Chinese forces have not gone back from the border.

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