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China University Students Protest Against Campus Lockdown Anger Against…

China University Students Protest: Students at a university in eastern China protest against the coronavirus lockdown on campus. The students also raised slogans against the government and the administration. A student was heard saying, “You have been given this power by the students… serve the students!” On the condition of anonymity, a third year student said that the campus has been closed for five days only after receiving one corona case.

According to media reports, Chinese universities have banned the movement for months. If the students have to perform, then before that they have to take permission. The Nanjing Tech student told AFP her classmates were angry with the university’s management because they feared they would be barred from going home during the winter break.

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‘If you touch us…’

In the protest held on Monday at the University of East China, there was a fierce debate between the students and the administration. The students also demanded the leaders to step down. “If you touch us, you’ll be another Foxconn!” a student said, referring to the violent demonstrations at the Apple company.

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Opposition to China’s zero covid policy

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Significantly, the cases of corona virus in China are not taking the name of decreasing. To deal with this, the government implemented the Zero Covid Policy, which was opposed across the country. A few days ago, thousands of people appeared on the streets in big cities of China and protested against the government’s Covid restrictions. In the end, the government had to bow down.

Government bowed before the public!

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According to media reports, there has been no reduction in the corona cases in Beijing, the capital of China, but public transport, bar-restaurants, schools, internet cafes, indoor gaming stadiums etc. are being opened gradually here. Also, if a person gets corona infected, then he does not need to go to the quarantine center. He can be quarantined at home only. However, reports of protest against the lockdown are still coming from some colleges and universities.

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