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China Seeking Dialogue With US Would Be Unbearable Disaster Li Shangfu

US-China Tension: The tension between America and China seems to be increasing once again. Meanwhile, China has taken a soft stand towards America. Actually, Chinese Defense Minister Li Shangfu has expressed concern over the possibilities of war with America. At Asia’s top security summit on Sunday (04 June), the Chinese Defense Minister said that a conflict with the United States would be an intolerable disaster. In such a situation, he called for dialogue instead of confrontation.

Speaking at the Shangri-La Dialogue in Singapore, Li Shangfu said the world is too big for China and the US to grow together. Lee’s comments come days after he refused to meet his US Defense Secretary for direct talks. Significantly, Li was named as the Chinese Defense in March this year. Shangri-La Dialogue is also his first biggest international address.

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Both countries have systems

The Chinese Defense Minister said that both countries have many different systems of their own. However, this should not deter both sides from seeking common ground and common interests to enhance bilateral relations and deepen cooperation.

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America looked uncomfortable while shaking hands

US Defense Minister Lloyd Austin and China’s Defense Minister Li Shangfu attended the Shangri-La Dialogue Defense Summit held in Singapore. During the conference, both the leaders shook hands but the distance was visible. The US Defense Minister looked uncomfortable with the Chinese minister. This is because actually talks were to be held between the Defense Ministers of the two countries other than the Shangri La Dialogue, but China had rejected this offer of America.

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Significantly, recently a Chinese ship in the South China Sea has overtaken an American ship in an unsafe manner, after which the tension between the two countries has increased once again. America has also warned China after this incident.

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