Wednesday, November 30, 2022

China Opens Illegal Police Station Across World Report Claims

Chinese Illegal Police Station: China can go to any extent to become the world’s superpower and fulfill its most ambitious plans. To fulfill this desire, China has started increasing its interference in different countries of the world. For this, the Chinese government has opened many illegal police stations around the world including developed countries like Canada and Ireland. Human rights activists are worried about this move of China.

The investigative journalism report quoted local media as saying that China’s intention behind opening such informal police service stations affiliated with the Public Security Bureau (PSB) across Canada is to suppress its opponents. That’s why the Chinese government has opened such police stations there. According to local media reports, Fuzhou has established unofficial police service stations affiliated with the Public Security Bureau (PSB) across Canada. At least three of these stations are located only in the Greater Toronto Area.

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China’s actions under the guise of police stations

According to Investigative Journalism Reportica, the Chinese government is also influencing elections in some countries through these illegal police stations. Fuzhou police say it has already opened 30 such stations in 21 countries. Along with this, similar arrangements have been made for Chinese police stations in Ukraine, France, Spain, Germany and Britain. The leaders of most of these countries raise questions about China’s rise in public forums and criticize China for human rights.

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Human rights activists made this allegation

Human rights activists have accused China’s ruling Communist Party of causing widespread abuses in the name of security across the country, including the detention of people in detention camps, the forcible separation of families and forced sterilizations. At the same time, China says that all these places are vocational skills training centers and they are necessary to combat extremism and improve livelihood. UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet recently visited China and Xinjiang.

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