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Chewing Betel Leaf Harmful Is Betel Leaf Cancerous Betel Leaf For High Blood…

Disadvantages Of Eating Paan: Those who eat betel, just see betel leaf anywhere, they are not able to live without eating it. From Banarasi paan to paan in many places of the country, paan is famous. Paan is used the most in India. Paan is also used in many medicines. There is not much harm by eating a little paan, but if you eat more betel then it can also cause some damage. Betel leaves are also used in many dishes. This is a good mouth freshener. However, some people have an addiction to eating betel leaves. Due to which they can cause many damages. Let us know why eating more betel leaves is harmful.

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1- Allergy problem- If you consume a lot of betel leaves, then it can cause allergic problems. Betel leaves some people to have skin rashes, itching and redness.
2- Pain in the gums- If you eat too much betel leaf, it can cause pain in your gums. One has to run the mouth continuously to chew betel leaves, which causes pain in the gums and jaw.
3- BP can increase- Eating too much paan can cause high BP. This can lead to high blood pressure and abnormal heart beat. Due to this the temperature of the body can also be more or less.
4- Hormones are imbalanced- Eating too much paan can lead to imbalance of hormones in the body. Thyroid hormones can be imbalanced by eating more betel leaves. This can increase or decrease thyroid hormone.
5- Harmful in pregnancy- Eating too much paan can affect pregnancy. It can have an effect on the fetus and its development in pregnancy. This can hinder the development of the child.
6- The risk of mouth cancer- Excessive consumption of betel leaves increases the risk of oral cancer. Tobacco is also used in the paan found in the market. which is harmful.

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