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Chant Surya Mantra On Sunday To Get Rid Of Obstacles

Surya Dev Mantra: Sunday is dedicated to the Sun God. According to religious beliefs, if the Sun God is worshiped early in the morning with rituals on this day, then its fruit is very beneficial. By the grace of Sun God, people get respect, fame and glory. There is success in every work. Those who offer Ardhya to the Sun every day, they progress a lot in life.

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It is said in the scriptures that chanting the mantra is the best way to get the special grace of any deity. If the chanting of mantras is done with the right method, rules and devotion, then many benefits can be obtained in life. If these mantras are chanted while worshiping the Sun on Sunday, the desired results are obtained.

chant these mantras on sunday

sun prayer mantra
Grahanamadiradityo folk symptom factor:.
Ravi in ​​the odd place Sambhutam Peedam Dahatu.

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Vedic Mantra of Sun God
Om aakrishnen rajasa presento niveshnamritam mortyancha. Hiranyen savita rathen devo yati bhuvanani pasyan..

Surya Tantrokta Mantra
Disgusting: Suryaadityom, Om Disgusting: Surya Aditya Shree, Om Hram Hreem Hrauns: Suryay: Namah, Om Hreem Suryaya Namah..

child birth mantra
Om Bhaskaraya Putraman Dehi Mahatejse.
Dheemah Tannah Surya Prachodayat.

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