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Chanaya Niti Self Confidence Patience Daring Power Human In Bad Time…

Chanakya Niti: Acharya Chanakya says that if you want to bring good times in life, then first you have to fight with bad times. Bad times test a man. The person who passes this exam gets a happy time in the future as a result. Chanakya has told many tricks to fight bad times. If this policy is followed properly then no one will be able to lose even a hair in the time of crisis and success will definitely be achieved. Let us know what to do in bad times.

patience is strength

Fear makes a person weak and gradually it dominates our life. Chanakya says that one should not panic when bad times come in life. A scared man cannot be successful. He can neither save himself nor has the ability to control the situation. Bad times also happen in a person’s life in the same way as night after day. As soon as the night passes, it is morning again. For some time there is a dark umbrella of bad times, the one who has patience and restraint at this time never gets defeated.

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don’t lose confidence

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The winners of the mind win, the losers of the mind lose. This saying is very accurate for difficult times. If you are determined to win in your mind, then no one can defeat you. If there is a determination of victory in the mind, then even in a dark dark room, the light peeping from the window can suggest the way to success. If you accept defeat from your mind, then you will have to struggle hard for good times. Confidence is the biggest weapon in bad times.

Success will come with courage and patience

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A person gets courage only by self-confidence. With this, when there are bad times, then work seriously. A wrong decision in bad times can increase the trouble. That’s why steps should be taken very thoughtfully. Must wait for good time.

Chanakya Niti: This thing is the biggest strength of women, everyone becomes a fan

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