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100 years old house became a source of income, know how

Sonia Mishra, Rudraprayag / Ukhimath: ‘There is neither employment nor basic facilities in the mountains of Uttarakhand, due to which we have migrated. Although you will find many people who say this, but apart from these there are some people who have also found employment in these mountains and are earning good profits from these houses by converting their old barren ancestral houses into homestays. This is not only increasing their income, but along with it they are also making the tourists feel at home even while staying away from their homes.

Dr. Kailash Pushpwan, a resident of Kimana village just 2 km from Ukhimath block of Rudraprayag district of Uttarakhand, is setting an example in himself by creating employment in the mountains.

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Let us tell you that Dr. Pushpavan, after getting higher education like Masters and PhD in Botany, chose Ukhimath as his workplace and since 2007, he has been continuously attracting tourists towards the mountains by making Himalayan hill house a home stay. Kailash has also served as an environmental expert in a World Bank project. Whereas through the Himalayan Rural Development Organization, Ukhimath, he has been running this program to connect the villagers with employment generation. Dr. Kailash Pushpwan is carrying out innumerable works including arranging a library for the naunihals (small children).

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Dr. Kailash Pushpwan says that in the coming days, I have full faith that the hopes of reverse migration through home stay will definitely get wings and those who have left their ancestral houses alone and left the villages due to employment or any other reason, they will definitely Will return back.

100 year old house is attracting

Dr. Pushpwan says that our homestay built in Kimana village of Ukhimath is situated just 300 meters away from the main road. Which is about 100 years old. Where tourists and people come from far and wide to do research. We try our best to provide them a home like environment. We take twelve and a half hundred rupees from a man from them along with food and drink. But complete arrangements are provided to them.

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Kosha, Vama, and Ishaan, who arrived from Mumbai in the homestay, tell that all three of us have stayed in the Himalayan homestay, this homestay is as beautiful to see as this Ukhimath place is. And this homestay gives us an opportunity to get acquainted with the hill culture. Along with this, he said that the homestay food is also very good.

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