Friday, December 1, 2023

Chaitra Navratri 2023: Social worker women of India, who are always there to help others…

Chaitra Navratri 2023 Female Social Worker: All the forms of Maa Durga have their own importance. Everyone has a different name and identity. But Navadurga has one similarity, all come in their own form for their children or devotees. Mother Durga incarnates in a new form to help people. Sometimes the mother becomes Annapurna to nurture the child and sometimes she takes the form of Saraswati, the goddess of knowledge and wisdom. Mahakali and Durga become to protect the earth and heaven from evil and demons. It can be said that there is one work and many forms. Indian woman also has the form of Navadurga. There are many women in the country who are always ready to help others. Many women contributed their bit to help the needy and helpless. Presently these women are given the status of social workers. On the occasion of Chaitra Navratri, know about Indian women helping people.

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mother Teresa

The mother of the world is the welfare form of Mother Parvati. Mother Teresa is considered to be the symbol of this form of mother. Mother Teresa had set her goal at a very young age. Making human service her goal, Mother Teresa left her home and country and traveled to many other countries. From Albania to Ireland and then came to India in 1929. Spent his life to help Indians. He took the citizenship of India and settled here, so that by staying in the country, he could help the countrymen.

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Sindhutai Sapkal

Sindhutai Sapkal, who became Mother Teresa of Maharashtra, supported 1400 children. These children were orphaned and destitute who used to sit on the railway station and footpath. Sindhutai became the mother of such orphans. They did not have income for the upbringing of the children, so they begged on the streets.

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Basanti Devi

Basanti Devi made an incomparable contribution to environmental protection to make people’s life safe and a good environment. To save the Kosi river of Uttarakhand, domestic violence like social evils, women’s oppression in Basanti Devi to remove women’s oppression. called upon. Campaigned to save the forests.

Aruna Rai

Aruna Rai made a lot of effort to improve the lives of the poor people of Rajasthan. He campaigned for the implementation of the Right to Information. Aruna Rai’s role was important in making employment guarantee and right to information law. Established the organization to make life easier for the laboring farmers.



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