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Cervical Pain Sign, symptoms and home remedies-Cervical Pain Home…

Cervical pain is a common problem due to which people are often troubled. This disease bothers people doing desk work sitting for hours. Cervical pain is pain caused by cervical spondylolysis. In this, the pain starts from the neck and goes towards the spine and waist. Cervical pain is usually caused due to stiffness in the body parts.

Cervical pain occurs due to many reasons such as increased neck bone, sitting in one position for a long time, poor posture, leaning, stress and many other bad habits can lead to cervical pain. This pain is being seen from the youth to the elderly. Often people ignore cervical pain as neck pain and stiffness.

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If this problem is not treated on time, then later this disease can become more serious. If you are also often troubled by neck pain, then see a doctor and also adopt some home remedies. Let us know how to treat cervical pain at home.

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Symptoms of Cervical: Headache, sounding of neck bones when moving neck, numbness of hands, arms and fingers, muscle spasms, stiffness in neck and shoulders.

Apply neck ice: If you are troubled by the pain caused by cervical, then compress your neck with ice at home. Take a piece of ice in a towel and gently compress the neck with it. The symptoms of cervical pain are reduced by applying ice. If you want, you can also use a hot compress. Hot and cold compresses will relieve cervical pain.

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Change sleeping pattern: If you also like to sleep on a comfortable bed, then change this habit soon. Comfortable soft pillows and mattresses can cause cervical pain. Keep a thin pillow under the head and sleep on a cotton mattress, you will get relief from pain. Sleep on your back or side. Your sleeping pattern will give you relief from neck pain.

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Do yoga and exercise: To get rid of cervical pain, do yoga and exercise regularly. To get rid of this pain, do Surya Namaskar. By doing Surya Namaskar, the stiffness of the whole body including the spine is removed and the bones become flexible. People who often have cervical pain should do Surya Namaskar daily.

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