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CBSE 10th maths paper was lengthy and little difficult, say Lucknow students

In Lucknow, CBSE class 10 students found their mathematics question paper lengthy and it was bit difficult too. But they are expecting to score good marks.

CBSE 10th maths paper was lengthy and little difficult, say Lucknow students(Sanchit Khanna/HT PHOTO)

GD Goenka Public School, Lucknow students’ said question paper was little lengthy. Question paper was based on NCERT syllabus. As per Sankalp and Shreya paper was lengthy and a bit difficult.

Shivansh Pant is expecting full score but he also admitted that paper was a bit lengthy. Sheeza, Anora, Kunal, Ayushman, Satyam, and Kaushiki are expecting good marks.

Other students like Harshita and Ibtisam stated that the paper was average and lengthy. Overall the paper has competency based content as expected.

Prince Raj, a student of Lucknow Public School found Mathematics question paper a little difficult. He said, “Section A was twisted while other Sections had a little difficult questions and overall the paper was lengthy. However, I completed it on time but didn’t get proper revision time.”

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Aastra Bhat said most of the questions were of the same pattern as given in the sample paper released by CBSE. “I completed it well in time and got ample time to revise as well,” she said.

Srajan said, “Some of the questions were way too difficult for me but somehow I managed to solved them and finished the paper well in time.” Ayush Sharma said, “The MCQ part was easy and Section -B was also easy. However, Section C and D consisted of some questions which were a bit tough as per my understanding and so I was unable to solve them but overall the exam went good.”

Abhishek Dubey Mathematics teacher of Lucknow Public School said, “As per my opinion, Mathematics Basic question paper was an apt blend of easy and moderate level questions. It was designed in a way that would challenge the remembering, understanding and application ability of the child.

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Questions from Section A and B were mostly based on direct application of formulae or definitions of certain concepts.

Section C and D had questions similar to the questions given in the sample paper released by board. Section E was moderate.”

Overall the question paper was not very difficult and was strictly in accordance with the sample paper released by CBSE. For students who gave time on the CBSE sample paper and it’s value points would definitely get a great advantage of it.

He said, “Now, as per the Mathematics Standard is concerned, the question paper truly justified the fact why it is called so.

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Section A had some twisted questions which demanded understanding through a critical approach while rest of them were easy to solve. Section B and Section C included questions from NCERT and Exemplar but demanded higher thinking skills.

Section D and Section E were again asked in a moderately twisted way so as to maintain the overall balance of the paper.Further, it was a bit lengthy as well.

*Overall the question paper was moderately difficult and covered some questions which demanded higher level of thinking and an abstract problem solving approach. Most of the questions were however based on NCERT, exemplar or previous year questions.”



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