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Causes Of Eating Disorders Symptoms Of Eating Disorders

Eating Disorders in TeenagerChildren often start gaining weight in adolescence. Actually, in this age, many times children get addicted to overeating. Many times, along with increasing the weight of children, due to overeating, there is also a problem of stomach upset. In such a situation, children have the problem of vomiting before and after eating food. In such a situation, if children are having this problem again and again, then it affects their physical and mental health badly. However, instead of blaming the children for this, they should get to the root of this problem. Actually, the reason for this is also an eating disorder. So let’s know about the causes and symptoms of eating disorder-

due to eating disorder

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According to ‘WebMD’, there are a few types of eating disorders, the main ones being anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa and binge eating. Due to these reasons, there is a lot of change in the eating habits and behavior of the child.

Symptoms of Eating Disorder

There are many symptoms of eating disorder, in which the eating habits of children are already changed. If your child eats a lot at one time and doesn’t eat at all at other times, it could be a symptom of an eating disorder. Apart from this, there are many other symptoms, which are as follows-

  • weight gain
  • they can’t sleep at night
  • become constipated
  • skin rash or dry skin
  • cavities in teeth
  • Nail breakage and hair loss

Eating disorder treatment

If your child is also a victim of eating disorder, then cognitive behavior therapy and some anti-depressant medicines can be used to treat it. Apart from this, this problem of children can also be overcome by medical treatment and feeding the child on time.

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