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Calcium In Natural Food Calcium For Bones Calcium Deficiency And Symptoms

Natural Food Source Of Calcium: Calcium is necessary to make the body strong. Calcium is needed to give strength and strength to bones. If you want to keep the heart strong, muscles and nerves healthy, then eat a diet rich in calcium. 99% of calcium in the body is found in bones and teeth. In such a situation, calcium is very important for bone health. Calcium strengthens bones and reduces the risk of bone fractures. This also reduces the problem of bone pain. You can get plenty of calcium from these foods.

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Foods Rich in Calcium (Calcium Natural Food Source)

1- Dairy products- To meet the deficiency of calcium, you should use dairy products. For this, you must include milk, curd and cheese in the diet. You can fulfill the deficiency of calcium in the body with these foods. You should eat milk and things made from it daily.

2- Soyabean- To meet the deficiency of calcium, you should also include soybean in your diet. Calcium and iron are found in abundance in soybean, its consumption helps in strengthening bones and removing diseases related to them. Soybean also helps in increasing immunity. You can include tofu in your diet.

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3- Green vegetables- To meet the deficiency of calcium, include green vegetables in the diet. Vitamins and minerals are found in abundance in green vegetables. You can include spinach, fenugreek, beans, broccoli in the food. Broccoli and beans are rich in calcium.

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4- Fruits- To stay healthy, fruits should also be included in the diet. You eat 2 oranges daily for calcium. Rich in calcium along with vitamin C is found in oranges. By eating 2 oranges, you can meet the daily needs of calcium.

5- Amla- To meet the deficiency of calcium, you must consume amla. Amla is said to be an everlasting fruit. Amla has rich antioxidant properties, which protects the body from infection. Calcium is also found in plenty in amla. Apart from this, the best source of Vitamin C is Amla. This strengthens immunity.

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