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Buddha Amritwani Gautam Buddha Thoughts And Story Of Success Know What Is…

Buddha Amritwani, Gautam Buddha Story: In the Gita, many types of deeds like Nitya Karma, Naimit Karma, Kamya Karma, Nishkamya Karma, Sanchita Karma, Nishiddha Karma etc. have been explained. But does karma have an impact on the person and the most important question is what and to whom is karma.

Once the disciple of Gautam Buddha also asked him the same question, what is Karma and what is it called. Then Buddha told this story to the disciple while telling about Karma.

Story of Gautam Buddha related to Karma

A king goes on a tour of his kingdom on a horse with his minister. During the state tour, the king’s eye falls on a shopkeeper and he stops near the shop and seeing the shopkeeper, he says to the minister, why do I feel that I should sentence this shopkeeper to death tomorrow itself. Don’t know why seeing this makes me want to give him the death penalty.

As soon as he said this, the king left alone and the minister could not even ask him the reason for this. The next day the minister changes his disguise and goes to the shopkeeper like an ordinary man. That shopkeeper used to sell sandalwood.

The minister talks to the shopkeeper here and there and inquires about his work and condition. The shopkeeper says, what should I tell brother, my condition is going very bad. People come to my shop. They smell my sandalwood, they praise it a lot but no one buys it.

I am just waiting for when our king dies and lots of sandalwood will be sold from my shop for his last rites. On hearing this from the shopkeeper, the minister started to understand everything. He understood why the king had negative thoughts towards this shopkeeper.

After listening to the shopkeeper, the minister bought some sandalwood from him. The shopkeeper was also happy with the sale of wood and immediately gave the wood to the minister. After reaching the king, the minister told him that, the shopkeeper whom you were thinking of giving death penalty, he has sent sandalwood as a gift for you. The king became happy on hearing this and started thinking that unnecessarily he was thinking badly about that poor shopkeeper. The king took sandalwood from the minister and smelled it, which smelled very nice.

What is Karma?

The king is pleased with the wood of the shopkeeper and sends some gold coins for him. The next day the minister goes to the shopkeeper and says that the king has gifted these coins to you. The shopkeeper gets happy after getting the gold coins and thinks in his mind that how wrong I was to think about the death of the king. He is so kind. Gautam Buddha ends the story and says to the disciple. Our actions, feelings and thoughts are our karma.

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Disclaimer: The information provided here is based on assumptions and information only. It is important to mention here that does not confirm any kind of recognition, information. Before implementing any information or belief, consult the relevant expert.

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