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Buddha Amritwani Gautam Buddha Story Of Why Sadness Not Ending Know…

Gautam Buddha Amritwani in Hindi: Mahatma Gautam Buddha, the founder of Buddhism, always taught people the sense of non-violence and compassion. The priceless thoughts of Gautam Budh can change your life. This is the reason why Buddha’s thoughts are called the sutras of a happy life.

Gautam Buddha informs people about the most important truth of life and that is ‘Sadness’. Every person wants to be happy and prosperous. But Gautam Buddha says that, just as there are changes in nature and seasons, in the same way happiness and sorrow keep coming and going in human life. No matter how rich one may be in the world, but there is no such person who does not have any sorrow in his life. But always keep this thing in mind that neither happiness nor sorrow is constant in life. If you are happy then you will definitely feel sorrow at one time or the other and if you are unhappy then one day you will definitely get freedom from this pain.

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the bearer of sorrow is man himself

Gautam Buddha says that whatever may be the cause of sorrow, but the sustainer of sorrow is man himself and man also has a role in increasing sorrow. If you are in any kind of trouble, do not let it dominate you. Keep yourself patient no matter what the situation is. This will definitely give you relief from sorrow. Know from Gautam Buddha that how to remove sorrow from life.

this is how sadness will go away

  • Understanding Grief: According to Gautam Buddha, every human being is unhappy about small or big things. But before being sad, you need to understand the reason for sadness. That’s why first you understand your sorrow. If you allow sorrow to dominate without understanding, then your pain will increase further and life will start to seem like a mountain of sorrows. The basic mantra to remove sorrow is also that, until we keep ourselves happy, sorrow will not leave us.
  • Strong desire is the cause of suffering: According to Buddha, the biggest cause of suffering is craving. Having a strong desire for something or dissatisfaction is the cause of sorrow. That’s why a person should not desire anything more than he needs nor should he expect more from anyone. If you learn to control your desires, then the sorrow will go away by itself.
  • This is how sorrow will go away: Gautam Buddha says that if there is sorrow in life, there is also happiness. Like if today’s day is bad then tomorrow’s day will definitely be good. There is no such problem in the world, which does not have a solution. If you understand these things and sorrow can definitely be removed.

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