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Bruce Lee May Have Died From Drinking Too Much Water

Bruce Lee: The death mystery of the world’s greatest martial artist and artist Bruce Lee is just about to be solved. A research has revealed that Bruce Lee died due to drinking too much water. Along with this, it has also been revealed in the research that due to drinking more water, along with swelling in his brain, the kidney was filled with water. This became the reason due to which he died suddenly. Overall, at the end of the research, it has been concluded that Bruce Lee was not eating food for a long time, he used to take liquid only to keep himself fit. Because of which the sodium level in his body had decreased. He also used a lot of pen killer.

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Because of this, Bruce Lee used to feel more thirsty

Recently, a ‘Clinical Kidney Journal’ December edition of kidney specialist has been published in Spain. In which, referring to Lee’s death, many things have been said about his health. It has also been mentioned that Lee’s kidney was filled with water. Which was not removed at the right time. Because of which he died suddenly. It has also been said in this journal that hyponatremia had increased in Lee’s body which is the reason for low sodium level. It is also feared that Lee must have been taking only vegetable and fruit juices for a long time. He must not have eaten solids for a long time. It is also being said in this research that people who drink marijuana feel very thirsty. And Lee used to smoke marijuana, so maybe that’s why he drank a lot of water.

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Drinking too much water can kill you

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The revelations made about Lee in this research definitely raises a question, is drinking too much water harmful to health? Drinking too much water can also cause death. This increases the pressure on the intracranial. Dr. Manoj Mehta, Senior Consultant, General Physician, Sterling Hospitals says ‘overhydration’ and ‘water intoxication’ occurs when a person drinks more water than their kidneys can handle. This water is so much that it cannot be removed even through the toilet. That’s why drinking less water or drinking more can prove to be harmful for the body. In such a situation, we must keep in mind that how much water is necessary for our body to drink.

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