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British PM Boris Johnson Is Celebrating His 58th Birthday Was In Trouble Due To This Controversy

Boris Johnson Turns 58 Today: Britain’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson is celebrating his 58th birthday on Sunday (June 19). Father’s Day also happens on this day. By the way, this time he has two special reasons to celebrate, in which the first is political while the second is personal. In fact, this year Johnson was in trouble because of the “Partygate” scandal, in which he broke his government’s COVID-19 lockdown rules by gathering people in government offices and appearing in person. Because of this controversy, he had to face a no-confidence motion from his own Conservative Party. However, he managed to save his chair.

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In the vote of confidence, 211 votes were received in support of Boris Johnson and 148 in opposition. In such a situation, he won the no-confidence motion by 63 votes. If Boris Johnson had lost during this period, he would have had to resign from the post of Prime Minister.

Johnson’s third marriage
Talking about the personal life of the Prime Minister, it was also very special for him. The Sun newspaper reported on Saturday that in May last year, the UK PM married Carrie Symonds in a secret ceremony. According to the outlet, the ceremony took place at Westminster Cathedral and was attended by only 30 guests. This was Johnson’s third marriage.

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Johnson took over as PM on 24 July 2019
On 24 July 2019, the day after Johnson’s election as leader of the Conservative Party, Queen Elizabeth II accepted the resignation of then-PM Theresa May and appointed Johnson as Prime Minister. Johnson has remained in this position since then.

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