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Britain News: Indian-origin man turned out to be the mastermind of designer cloth scam,…

UK News: Indian-origin ‘Natwar Lal’ has been sentenced to 20 years in prison on Thursday (May 25) in Britain. Arif Patel of Indian origin turned out to be the mastermind of the fake designer clothes scam. It was heard in the case of cheating. Arif was accused of tax evasion of 97 million pounds. 

55-year-old sock manufacturer Arif Patel was accused of colluding with a criminal gang to evade £97 million in tax by claiming VAT refunds on bogus exports of clothing and mobile phones. Patel was found guilty in this case last month. This Indian-origin man has carried out the biggest case of theft by forgery in UK history. After a 14-week hearing, the court on Thursday convicted the accused of false accounting, conspiracy to defraud public revenue, possession of counterfeit clothing. Convicted of sales and money laundering. After which Arif Patel was sentenced. 

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Luxury Life Was Lived  

Richard Lass, director of the Fraud Investigation Service (HMRC) in the Royal Revenue and Customs, said about the incident that the accused used to lead a very luxurious life. He claimed that this gang usurped more than 78 million pounds of UK property. Now the process of recovering the amount from them has been started. He further said that we unitedly worked hard to bring them to the dock, as a result they are behind bars today.

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Arif’s partner also jailed for 11 years 

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According to media reports, Mohammad Jafar Ali, a partner of Arif, has also been sentenced to 11 years imprisonment. Jaffer Ali was also found guilty of conspiracy to defraud HMRC and money laundering. Arif Patel and Mohd Jafar Ali together have perpetrated the biggest carousel tax fraud this country has ever seen. 

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