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Boxing Championship: The house was destroyed in the earthquake, leaving the family in the tent…

Rabia Topuz
– Photo: Social Media


That black snowy night has completely settled in the hearts and minds of Turkish women. When the room of her house in Malatya city shook, she came out in a few seconds. He didn’t even have shoes on his feet and it was snowing outside with bitter cold. There were voices of shouting all around. Rabiya says that she and her family somehow managed to escape, but the situation was worse than death. He had to sleep in the car for 10 days. Then they got a tent to stay. He and his family are still living in tents. She has come here to play while staying in the tent. She wants to win a medal here for her country. The flag of their country inspires them.

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Rabiya hopes to get her own house soon

Rabia is competing in the 50 weight category in the World Championships. They have got only 10 days to prepare for the World Championship. Rabia says that she is hopeful that she will get her house soon. Despite living in tough conditions in the tent, she has not been able to stop herself from playing in this championship. Although it is very difficult to play in such conditions. She will once again start her preparations after this tournament.

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