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Boxer Death: South African boxer dies due to brain injury during fight

South African boxer Simiso Buthelezi lost his life during a lightweight boxing match. Simiso suffered a head injury in a boxing match and he went to the other end and started punching in the air. Seeing his deteriorating condition, he was admitted to the hospital, where the boxer died on Tuesday.

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boxing news 2022, Simiso Buthelezi video loses his bearings in African title fight against Siphesihle MntungwaBoxer Simiso Buthelezi Dead At 24 Following Scary In-Ring Incident |  West Observer

South Africa Boxing said in a statement that there was a boxing match between Simiso and Sifesale Tungwa in Durban on Sunday. It was also being broadcast live on South Africa Television. During the match, Simiso was hit hard on the head by Sifesle. Simiso then hit a few punches and dropped Cephasley.

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Boxer Simiso Buthelezi dies in hospital after 'fighting invisible opponent' and punching thin air during defeat which ended in very disturbing way

In the 10th and final round, when the referee signaled the start of the match, Simiso began boxing at the other end of the ring. The referee decided to stop the match immediately due to health and was admitted to the hospital.

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Boxing news 2022: Sad twist after concerning vision emerges of South African boxer Simiso Buthelezi

After investigation, it was found that he suffered a brain injury and went into a coma due to bleeding inside. After that he died late Tuesday night. In this case, South Africa Boxing said it would conduct an independent medical review of the incident.



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